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53 Titles Available as of April 2008

  1. A Wicked Lie (Still Life with Bird, Bees & Nest of Easter Eggs)
  2. The Wicked Truth (Still Life with Bee Eater, Mating Flies & Nest of Eggs)
  3. The Pleasures of Life (Still Life with Cigar, Smoke & Liquor)
  4. A Life of Pleasures (Still Life with Cigar, Skull & Liquor)
  5. Gentlemen's Cocktail (Still Life with Oysters & Chilled Champagne in Ice Bucket)
  6. Proletarian Cocktail (Still Life with Rocks, Cocktail Molotov & Stone Filled Bucket)
  7. Temperance (Still Life with Bottled Ship)
  8. Instant Gratification (Still Life with Bottled Paper Boat)
  9. An Indian Nightmare (Still Life with Dreamcatcher, Spider & Fly)
  10. The Lilly White Dream (Whitewashed Still Life)
  11. The Overachiever (Still Life with Suit & Tie)
  12. The Underachiever (Still Life with Suit & Noose)
  13. Biological Orange (Still Life with Orange in Bloom)
  14. Clockwork Orange (Still Life with Orange, Hand Grenade & Barbed Wire)
  15. The Laws of Physics (Still Life with Scientific Scales)
  16. The Physics of Law (Still Life with Scales of Justice)
  17. The Social Butterfly (Still Life with Whiskey & Monarch Butterflies)
  18. The Barfly (Still Life with Whiskey & Frozen Fly)
  19. The Preying Mantis (Still Life with Praying Mantis, Crucifix & Moth)
  20. The Praying Mantis (Still Life with Praying Mantis, Moth & Crucifix)
  21. Abuse of Power (Still Life with Hammered Nails)
  22. Retribution (Still Life with Nailed Hammer)
  23. The Burden of Accepting Reality (Still Life with Breakfast Plate)
  24. The Burden of Escaping Reality (Still Life with Breakfast Plate & Hypodermic Syringe)
  25. Choose! (Still Life with Carrot & Stick)
  26. Choose Wisely! (Still Life with Jewel Encrusted Baton & Rotting Carrot)
  27. Security (Still Life with Padlocked Door)
  28. Insecurity (Still Life with Padlocked Door)
  29. Remnants of a Just War (Still Life with Skull, Rhinoceros Beetle & Assorted Objects)
  30. Remnants of an Unjust War (Still Life with Skull, Assorted Objects & Rhinoceros Beetle)
  31. Famine a l'Ancienne (Still Life with Stale Radish)
  32. Nouvelle Famine (Still Life with Sliced Radish in Sauce Vinaigrette)
  33. Yum! (Still Life with Beluga Caviar)
  34. Yuk! (Still Life with Beluga Caviar & Human Hair)
  35. The Silver Spoon (Still Life with Eating Utensil & Holes)
  36. Hunger on Display (Still Life with Eating Utensil & Hole)
  37. Snack (Still Life with Grapes & Croissant)
  38. Sacred Snack (Still Life with Divine Body Parts)
  39. Essence of Optimism (Still Life with Glass Half Full & Grinning Pistachios)
  40. Essence of Pessimism (Still Life with Glass Half Empty & Sulking Pistachios)
  41. How To Snare a Tooth Fairy (Still Life with Molar & Dental Floss)
  42. How To Snare the Grim Reaper (Still Life with Dentures & Dental Floss)
  43. Lullaby for Deaf Zombies No 1 (Still Life with Rose Bud, Metronome & Violin)
  44. Lullaby for Deaf Zombies No 2 (Still Life with Rose in Full Bloom, Metronome & Violin)
  45. Lullaby for Deaf Zombies No 3 (Still Life with Faded Rose, Metronome & Violin)
  46. Vanity (Still Life with Pear & Mirror)
  47. Wrath (Still Life with Pear, Kitchen Knife & Shattered Plate)
  48. Gluttony (Still Life with half eaten pears)
  49. Envy (Still Life with Red Pear & Circle of 6 Green Pears)
  50. Lust (Still Life with Ass Shaped pear)
  51. Sloth (Still Life with Rotting Pear & Flies)
  52. Greed (BUY IT TO UNVEIL IT!)
  53. The Lesser of Two Evils (Still Life with Milk & Choice of Lemon or Lime)

    Several other pieces are currently being developed and will be added to the catalog upon completion. To receive updates about new additions to the collection, please consider joining
    the artist's mailing list .

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