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National, Regional and Local Press Articles

THE NEW YORK TIMES - (November 4, 2007)

"Mouse Almighty " by Nicole Cotroneo with photographs by Maxine Hicks

" ...With computerized art programs ubiquitous, anyone can claim to be a digital artist, Mr. Gartel admits...

A national exhibitor at the festival and full-time digital artist, Alain K. Khadem... said he sees this as the beauty of the medium. 'Let everyone participate and let the best expression of ideas emerge,' ....

Mr. Khadem's work is based on the Baroque art movement Vanitas, which was preoccupied with iconography communicating the brevity of time. Mr. Khadem's work is often grouped in pairs - two pieces that are nearly mirror images of each other but with slight differences that impart individual meaning to each.

Four of his pieces have been accepted into Digital Long Island's national exhibit, including 'Abuse of Power' and 'Retribution,' a pair that he created using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and printed on canvas. Both show the same hammer; in 'Abuse of Power,' the hammer is pulling a nail out of a board, while in 'Retribution,' the hammer itself is nailed to the wall.

Acknowledging that the art world is still skeptical about digital art, Mr. Khadem said he would like to see a shift in perspective. 'It's really not the medium that's important; it's the concept,' he said. 'If the content is bland, it doesn't matter what you used to produce it.'

Visit Nicole Cotroneo's site NY GIRL EATS WORLD dedicated to food, travel & culture


THE SUFFOLK TIMES (Thursday, January 10, 2008)

"Splendid 'Simplicity'..."

"... 'Nouvelle Famine' is a light, humorous digital painting that resonates with anyone who's left a pricey restaurant hungry, broke and irritated by having been had. By Alain Khadem of Ronkonkoma, 'Nouvelle Famine' stars a lowly radish, meticulously sliced, leaves attached, pretentiously splayed atop a pool of yellow mystery sauce. The trompe l'oeil presentation reclines on a gleaming porcelain plate astride an acrylic and stainless fork."

by Joyce Beckenstein


MADSILENCE - BLOG - (November 14, 2007)

"The Mouse that Roared: Digital Explosion " by TAB

" Upon entering the exhibition the viewer is faced with two artworks created by digital artist Alain K. Khadem. I was captured by the imagery in his paired artworks, 'Abuse of Power' and 'Retribution.' The pair was created using Adobe Printshop and Illustrator and is printed on canvas. I was reminded of the style of painting called trompe-l'oeil (literally, 'fool the eye') and the paintings of 19th century American artist William Harnett. If you enjoy realist still lifes as I do, as well as the contemporary revival of the neoclassical style, visit Khadem's website: http://www.AKart.us.

And while I was delighted with the retribution visited upon KhademÕs hammer, I was puzzled by the nature of his artwork, and its relationship to traditional painting. Looking closely I found no evidence of brushstrokes, no sign of the artist's touch. The image was glossy and sharp, but had Khadem merely achieved the mimesis of classical European academic painting, or was this something else entirely? And was something vital lost in the transition?

by TAB


THE NEWS-REVIEW - (March 22, 2007)

"Mere Mortals, We - Juried Show Draws Different Takes on Sin" by Liz Wood

" Alain Khadem (Lake Ronkonkoma) tempts with a delectable, computer-generated pear, but the sin of greed is in its tongue-in-cheek asking price of $6 million. "

by Joyce Beckenstein


SMITHTOWN MESSENGER - (January 11, 2007)

"Local Digital Artist Exhibits in Smithtown: Gallery in Apple Bank Displays Alain Khadem's Works"

" ... Khadem's work has been exhibited all over New York, from Long Island to Buffalo. His current work follows in the footsteps of great master Vanitas still life painters of the Baroque period. Using a large array of objects, he uses their symbolic value to make a statement about the fleetingness of time and the absurdity of modern life. STAC is pleased to display the powerful images of this talented artist at Apple Bank. "


NEIGHBOR NEWSPAPERS - (January 23, 2008)

" Digital Long Island "

Picture of Suffolk County Legislator Lynne C. Norwick (R-St.James) and Allison Cruz, Executive Director of the Smithtown Township Arts Council (STAC), standing in front of
"The Physics of Law", one of the digital paintings exhibited at the Mills Pond House Gallery as part of the 2007 Digital Long Island National Juried Exhibition at the Mills Pond House Gallery.


SUFFOLK LIFE - (September 12, 2007)

"L' Art Pour L'Art: A Silent Affair"

The piece entitled "A Wicked Lie", is featured in an article on the annual Huntington Arts Council silent auction held at the Petite Gallery in Huntington, NY.

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