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About Limited Edition Prints

- How & Where to Buy Limited Edition Prints >>>
- About Limited Edition Prints >>>
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The aim of the artist is to place the premium on quality and offer art collectors and art lovers as wide a range of options as possible in terms of size, medium, and price. To strike the proper balance between these competing goals, the artist has limited the number of editions in each available size category to no more than 200 prints on paper and no more than 200 prints on canvas. A limited edition of five to ten will also be printed in sheet metal.

MUSEUM QUALITY LIMITED EDITION GICLÉE PRINTS: The collection is printed by LIGiclée a professional printing company located in Freeport, Long Island which is dedicated to printing museum quality prints using superior archival paper and canvas, as well as high end archival pigmented inks. Prints are made using the Stylus Pro10000 Archival Ink and the Epson Stylus Pro10600 UltraChrome Ink.

AVAILABLE SIZES & MEDIA: The collection is available on both water color paper as well as on canvas and in a standard size as well as a larger size. The standard size is the size at which the artist originally created the work. Exact dimensions in the standard size vary from piece to piece, but as a general proposition, in the standard size either the height, the width, or both are approximately 8 inches -- For additional information about the standard size of each piece please refer to the collection's
information chart >>>

The collection is also available as a limited edition in a large size. The large size is flexible and is any dimension above the standard size up to the maximum the printer can print on canvas or paper and is designed to accommodate the specific needs of each individual customer.

CERTIFICATES OF AUTHENTICITY: Each limited edition giclée print is sold with a Certificate of Authenticity printed by LIGiclée and is individually signed and numbered by the artist.

FRAMED VERSUS UNFRAMED: Unless otherwise indicated, most art sold by the artist will be unframed with a temporary protective mat and enclosed in a sealed transparent acid free plastic sleeve before shipping. The artist recommends that you have the pieces matted and framed by a skilled professional of your choice. This approach gives art buyers the greatest amount of flexibility in terms of using a single, double or triple mat, and ensures that the color and style of both the matting and the frame will match your personal taste as well as complement your interior decor.

Of course, the artist also has pieces that are ready to hang. These have been matted and framed to suit the needs of the artist and to meet the requirements of specific juried exhibitions, or for outdoor shows. You may purchase these pieces either by attending upcoming exhibitions or by making an appointment to purchase the artwork directly from the artist's studio.

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